settling in

this week marked my first week in my new classroom. over the summer our school did some construction and built six new rooms. the plan was that we would move it at the end of the summer, and the middle school would fill up those six new classrooms. unfortunately things didnt go according to plan. the construction took a bit longer than expected, and so we had to be in temporary rooms for the first several weeks of the year. this week, though, we finally got to move into our new rooms! it has been great getting used to the new area and figuring out how best to use the space. my room isnt completely done yet, they didnt have enough lockers when they ordered, so i was stuck with no lockers in my room. they say they will be done next week, so im still waiting for that final transition. the kids have been really good this year about dealing with all the craziness and everything thats been a part of the temporary rooms and moving to the new rooms, so thats been a huge blessing! im still working on decorations for the place, but i know soon everything will be as it should.

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