moving time

on friday diana had the day off so she came over with poco. i had been waiting a couple weeks but i got to give her a gift that ive had for her for a couple weeks now, and she was thrilled! (if you are wondering what it is, i explain here)
friday night i had a faculty/board social to go to, and diana came along. we have this every year and its just a chance for us to socialize and get to know the rest of the people working hard to make the school better. one thing that made this one good was the fact that our schools addition is finally complete! they built six new rooms over the summer and we finally got the ok to move into them! ive been stuck in a really tiny room so far this year, so i was thrilled to hear that i get to move out and into a nice and shiny new room! after the dinner everyone helped out with moving the different things from the old room to the new one. it was a bit of work, but really great to finally be in the new room! ive got a lot more work to do on it, putting up decorations and stuff, but the kids are going to love it- i know i do!

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