together again

this weekend i had a good time. on thursday diana came to see me. we headed down to merrillville because i had to get fitted for a tux for a wedding coming up that i am in and the closest mens wearhouse is down there. while we were down there we stopped at the book store and used movie shop (i actually left without buying anything!), and then checked out burlington coat factory so diana could look for a new winter jacket. she didnt find anything, but i did! and its cool... we tried to go out to eat but both of the places we wanted to go were gone! they both folded over the past month or two! crazy. so instead we just picked up a pizza and went back to my place and watch the season premier of 'the office' and boy was it a funny one!
on saturday i was up by her for the day. we went out for lunch together, and miranda had the same lunch break, so she came with, which is always fun. after she was done with work we went to go see 'mamma mia!', which wasnt as bad as i thought it would be (my thoughts are here), and then we went out to eat at fridays. it was great to spend some more time with her. im trying to get as much in as i can because i wont see her next weekend. poor me.

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Anonymous said...

What did you find at Burlington Coat? Also, who's wedding are you in?? I have to read your blog to find out what you are up to, because you never call me :(