an expanding family

the family is expanding! this seems to happen pretty regularly and without warning, but here it is: another 'poke it with a stick' page! youd think id be out of stuff to write about, i mean with the eight pages that are already updated (semi)regularly, but you would be wrong! ive already got this page, a page for movies, music, critiques, an image gallery, a list of my dads wierd words, a strange tribute to craig ferguson, and a page for other random stuff. im sure i can squeeze in one more!
this new page is a bit unusual, so let me explain: recently ive decided (well, diana has decided for me...) that i need to clean out my second bed room so that when she moves in after were married there will be some room for her stuff. makes sense, right? well, the problem is that i am a bit of a pack rat. i figure that this is the motivation i need to get over that, so im taking the steps necessary to start throwing some old stuff away. part of the reason i keep all that old stuff is because it has sentimental value to me. each of the things ive saved reminds me of a part of my life and a story that goes with it. i like to look back on all of it from time to time and remember the stories. i figure a better, space saving way to do this would be to just write the stories here so that i can just peruse the website whenever im feeling nostalgic, instead of unnecessarily keeping a room full of junk! so that is just what i have done. i have been cataloguing the different items i have, and then throwing out a lot of it.
the new page, called 'odds and ends', is there so that i may still have the story to go along with these items, but i no longer need the items themselves. sounds like just further evidence that i have too much time on my hands, huh? oh well. if your interested, feel free to check it out!

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