line up, two by two

sunday i headed back home. diana was back from detroit, so i got the chance to see her again! hurray! i needed to make it back home though, so i only got to see her for a little while. we went out for dinner and got to catch up, but soon after i was back on the road. this was especially difficult due to the weather: it had been raining nonstop for the past three days- and really hard! as always happens on the highway by my place due to some really stupid construction crews, the highway was flooded. and i mean flooded- there was at least five feet of standing water! this made for a rather lengthy drive home. i know some of the back ways to get around by me, but it seemed like everyone else did too because the line up on all the back roads was blocked solid! finally, after two and a half hours, i got home.
the reason i needed to get home is because my neighbor and renter tony was moving out today and i needed to get back to get the keys from him and say goodbye. i got to see him off and warned him of the road closings on the highway.
then, around 10:30 pm i got a call that i didnt expect: it was rick from work saying that it was cancelled on monday due to flooding!!!

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