periodically i try to update this site, keep it fresh. i recently finished the latest update. ive spent a bit of time going back through old posts and labeling each of them to fit into different categories, and i finally finished! i dont know exactly who will care or why, but i figured i might as well try and organize this whole blog thing just because.
there are a lot of different categories like 'my family', 'the guys', 'my girl', and many more. if you have any interest in checking out the fun and craziness of my california trip this past spring, well now there is a category just for that! wondering what comic conventions are like? well there is a category for that too! feel free to take a look around, the categories are all listed on the right side of this page right under the blog archive.
oh, and dont forget to keep checking the other 'poke it with a stick' contents listed on the right at the top of this site!

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