labor day grillout

sunday evening all my parents friends and their kids came over to the trailer for a big labor day grill out. its always fun to see them, growing up we spent every summer out there, so i got to know many of them well and we would spend countless hours riding around on the carts just messing around. its kind of strange to see them now, with wives and children. im a little late to the wedding game, but its always a joy to show off diana to people i know.
the grill out was a great time, i think there were about 25-30 people there! the food was great, and someone even brought deviled eggs (my favorite)!!!
at the end of the night diana and i went over to tim and jills trailer and hung out with them, brent and missy, and adam and lindsay fischer. we spent the night sitting around the campfire telling stories and laughing a lot. mostly at adam...
(more pics)

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