sunday morning

sunday morning we got up on time (actually a bit early because im dumb and dont know what time things start...) and headed out to sandy pines to join the family at church. the sermon was good and the preacher used many big words, which i especially love... its a bit more difficult to pay attention to the service when the baking sun is shining down on your neck and you have a squirmy three year old on your lap, but i tried to make the most of it.
when we got back to my parents place the kids came over and we played around with them for a while. avery was having a rough weekend, so we took extra effort in making sure she was happy. mom and dad played on the ground with her a bit and everything.
soon dinner was ready, and we all dug into the tacos my mom and sister had prepared for us.
(more pics 1, 2)

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