its not knitting!

many years ago, back when i was in college, one of the strange fads that went around campus was crocheting. for some reason we all thought it was really cool and decided to learn how to do it. we would sit around in the lobby of the dorm for hours every night and crochet and talk. i decided to join in. sounds kinda girly, huh? well, that was exactly why i joined in- i got to just chill and talk with a room full of girls!
as it started to catch on i went to see my gramma brink when i was visiting home. she used to crochet all the time, so i figured if im going to learn from somebody, i might as well learn from a master! she thought it was quite silly that i was even interested, but she showed me anyway. my reason for learning was two fold: it was to be used as a socializing activity at college, and i figured i could teach it to students as an art teacher. i did teach it for the two years i was an art teacher, so it was worth knowing just for that.
the hardest part of crocheting (which is really easy) is keeping the ends straight. many times i would try to make something and the edges were terribly uneven. so i started making stuff that didnt have edges- like hats! years ago i made a stocking cap out of some nasty colored yarn, which i really loved, and ive been wearing it in the winter ever since.
a few weeks ago diana decided that she wanted to learn how to crochet. she went out and got a crochet hook and some pink (who would have thought?) yarn. i showed her the hat i made and still wear (she thought it was a pretty nasty color too) and wanted one for herself. we sat down and i taught her how to do it! it was really fun to see her poke around with the hook and eventually figure it out. she has been picking it up and trying her hand at it periodically since then. the only problem, she says, is those pesky edges!

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Soooo cute Diana - maybe I should try my hand at it seeing how I am a Grandma!