the kids

eventually diana and i made our way over to tim and jills. after a brief walk through of rivertown mall, and nearly falling asleep there, we figured we would try and catch a few zzzs. both us of us were tired from getting up so early and the long drive. we stopped over and soon found our way downstairs to the pair of couches in their basement, so we laid down- oh so comfy! i slept for about a half hour, but then i got up and went back up stairs.
by now the kids were all up from their naps too, so we played for a while. about 15 minutes after i came up diana came up too. we were both quite grateful for the little bit of rest. the kids were ready to play, and we werent about to disappoint them! jackson and tweets had gotten some fun new hats that they wanted to show off, jackson had a spiderman one that looked hilarious when pulled over his eyes, and tweets got a cute 'hello kitty' hat. my dad came over for a bit to see us and the kids. we played inside for a bit with them for a while and watched their crazy acrobatics.
tim brought home some pizza that we all shared, and then the girls had to head out to the wedding shower.

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