sunday favors

sunday morning we got up for church and met up with tim and jill and the kids at friendship crc. it is always a joy to spend time with those three munchkins! for dinner my aunt ruth and uncle don came over. my mom had invited them over so we could see them- little did they know that they were invited over so we could ask them something... at dinner we asked them to be the emcees for the wedding- and they were thrilled! my aunt was so excited and yelped 'yes!!! oh, right don?' then my uncle had the funniest reaction! i haven't laughed that hardily in months! we are really excited that they said yes, and we both know they are going to do a great job. to know that they are on the job calms a lot of worries diana and i have been having about the wedding and planning, so its such a blessing that they said yes!

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