mr. lincoln

on thursday it was abraham lincoln's 200th birthday! i have always been a huge fan of lincoln and all things civil war related (it's one of my favorite times in history to learn about). each year since i was in college we have done something special to commemorate it. back in college there was one year where we had a huge campus wide party with a special guest lincoln impersonator and everything! a couple buddies and i wore lincoln hats all day!
well, with the 200th birthday upon us, the history teacher and i decided we needed to celebrate with the students. we got out two 8th grade classes together and had cake and sang happy birthday! we also got online and watched a live event from the lincoln museum in illinois where an impersonator recited the gettysburg address. the kids all wanted to get their picture taken with the large portrait we had brought. it was a fun time, and a great way to remember america's greatest leader.
(more pics)


Sean and Rachael said...

I had to do a presentation on leadership this semester...I remembered that very picture that was hanging in our apartment. I picked Lincoln and found it to be very interesting...I can see why you geek out over our 16th president

saravan said...

Oh West Hall and Abraham Lincoln day. Good memories. Good to see you're doing well, Mark!