a royal meal

earlier this week diana had a day off so she came to visit. my dad and bro-in-law are coming this weekend to put in some new flooring in the house, so it was diana's job to pick out what flooring she wanted. we went to home depot to see what they had, but were disappointed by the selection of the kind (peel and stick) we needed. we then checked out menards but they had the same stuff. we ended up having to go to lowe's where they had the stuff we were looking for.
we only had a little time left before she had to leave, so we stopped at burger king for a quick (cheap) dinner. we ordered, got our food, and had a seat. on one of the tables they had one of those paper crowns! score! i grabbed it and wore it for the whole meal. its always nice to stop for dinner and eat like a king!

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