one of each

tuesday night the caterer who is doing the food for our wedding reception had a food testing. they only have two a year, and we didn't have our plans in place yet to make the summer one, so we got to attend this one. i raced straight up from work in order to make the 6:00pm start time. diana, her mom, and step dad also drove up to check it out. my parents met us all there, we actually all arrived within about a minute of each other!
we headed in with hungry stomachs, ready for all the treats they had in store for us. the place was packed with food, and we made sure that we had a little bit of each! the six of us had a great time roving the food areas, filling out plates, and trying each item that they offered. we talked through everything as we were eating it, asking each other what they thought of it. its a good thing we did, because what we had originally thought we wanted was the least liked item of the bunch! we talked with the woman we have been working with, and got the menu all selected- one more thing we can take off the list!
afterward we drove over to the reception hall so diana's mom and step dad could take a look (they hadn't seen it yet). they were quite impressed. we took another look around and got a good sense of how the tables are going to be placed and also all the decorations we will be having. by the end of the night we all had to be rolled out of there with our full bellies! i drove diana back to her house, that way her mom and step dad could get home on time too. we got to talk all about our wedding plans and get a better handle on what needs to be done next. it was a productive and fun night, even if i didn't get home until 11:30pm!
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