painting, round 2

as we get ready for diana to move it, we are fixing up the house to make it a bit more girl friendly. one of the big things that diana wanted was for the walls to be repainted. earlier we worked on repainting the kitchen (check it out here), the next room to get the overhaul was the bathroom. this marks the third time i've repainted it since i moved in (oddly enough, i've painted it different shades of green each time...), so i know how to do that room easily. with my dad offering to replace the trim in the kitchen, he said he wouldn't mind doing the bathroom as well, so i started off with tearing out the old trim. i put up the primer, and then painted on three fresh coats of the green paint diana had picked out. it turned out really nice, and we even had a different shower curtain that matched perfectly!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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