oscar blah

a few weeks ago they announced the five movies nominated this year for the oscars. i've always enjoyed the oscars, and often try and see the movies up for the best picture award. last year i really got in to it and saw four of the five by the time the oscars were given out (which i wrote about here). this year though, i've got to say, i'm not really as excited about it. mostly its because this year's set of movies don't seem that interesting to me.
the nominees are:
the curious case of benjamin button
the reader
slumdog millionaire

only a couple of them sound at all interesting to me, and i've already seen them (my thoughts about benjamin button, and slumdog millionaire). the other three don't really strike me as things i care to see. frost/nixon? i'd rather watch the original interviews of nixon by frost, not a dramatized version. mik? a sean penn gay movie. the two reasons for skipping it i just listed: its got sean penn, and its a gay movie. pass. the reader? i have grown weary of the acadamy nominating every single movie that comes out about the holocaust- it was bad, i get it. i saw schindler's list, i think i'm good for a while, thanks.
i think my frustration comes more from them ignoring 'dark knight' and picking these films instead. oh well. i know i will still be glued to the tv set on the night of the awards, but i won't be happy about it...

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