at the movies

ever since christmas break i've rediscovered the joy of watching films in the theater. ive always enjoyed going to see a movie, but the past month or so ive really been loving it! so much in fact, that ive seen around 10 movies in the last five weeks. ridiculous, huh? its been just a lot of fun, so i keep going back!
ive decided im going to try and see as many oscar nominated movies as i can before the awards are given out, that way i can be genuinely frustrated when they give it to crappy movies ('crash' anyone?). in years past i havent even seen any of the films nominated for best picture, but this year i plan to see all of them. well, accept 'atonement', because that looks like a really stupid movie...
ive already seen and reviewed three of them, i am still looking forward to seeing 'no country for old men', but the rest i wrote about here:
there will be blood
michael clayton
*update* i just saw no country for old menand a bunch of other ones i wrote about here. give em a read, feel free to leave a comment.

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