youre a nerf herder

tonight i went over to jeffry lees with rex to hang out. we picked up a pizza and brought a movie. we got there and watched 'big trouble' while we ate. rex has always been obsessed with that movie and quotes it often, so we figured we would give it a try and see if rex was right about it being good. yup, he was. its got patrick warburton, so really, how bad can it be?
afterwards we were hanging out and jeff and rex both pulled out their nerf guns. now, they had told me before about these guns and how much fun they were, but i wasnt a believer. until tonight. we had a blast! these crazy nerf guns are actually quite powerful. you fill them up with six little darts that have suction cups on them and you can just shoot at whatever you want. they stick to glass and other surfaces, so we were shooting them at the tv and the slider door, we were setting up targets and seeing who was able to knock them down, and we were shooting each other to see how much it hurt (not very). it sounds really nerdy and lame, but those nerf guns are a blast! you can get six shots off fairly quickly, and they can be modified to shoot faster and farther. rex did the mod on his gun and it would easily shoot all the way across the apartment and still stick to stuff.
very childish, but a whole mess of fun!

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