back again

i know i just visited the family two weeks ago, but i have a day off this weekend, so i figured id drop by again. whether they like it or not. thankfully, they liked it!
friday i drove up in snowy blustery conditions, but then met up with rex and jeffry lee at the mall. we decided to go and see 'cloverfield' (which i talk about here). when the rest of the gang, aaron, bethany and cooch, got there we headed it. the theater was packed! it actually sold out and the audience was a lot of fun, they were roudy and ready for a good time.
after the show we went over to fridays (big surprise) and talked for a couple hours. we had a good time, we joked around a bit, and actually got a chance to talk through some stuff that had been bugging us. always good to get that off your chest!
saturday i went out for breakfast with ma and papa, then headed over to tim and jills to see the kids. dang, they are always so full of energy! its a good thing they are cute, or i dont know how anyone could put up with it! when i got home mom and i went to the book store and just milled about for a while. quite relaxing. for dinner we ordered out some italian and sat and talked for a couple hours. we talked a lot about computer stuff, which is kind of weird to talk about with your mom, but it was great. i dont get to just sit and talk with her as much as i would like, due to that whole living two hours away thing, so it was really good to be able to just chill and share.

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Anonymous said...

Mark, we love having you come home!! You were such a big help to me this weekend with the snow and Dad being sick.

I also loved our time together - just being able to hang out and talk. Sorry if I came off as being really needy! (but I was :))

Love ya Mom