movie mix-up

the guys and i went to see 'i am legend' at the theater in rivertown mall. we get the tickets and have a seat in the designated screen. as the movie begins it shows zebras and different animals grazing in a field. i lean over to rex and jokingly ask 'is this even the right movie?' just after i say this the title comes up: 'water horse: legend of the deep'. what?!? everyone in the theater is now confused. many get up and leave, ourselves and others wait because we figure someone will be coming to tell us whats up, but no one comes. after about ten minutes i walk down to find someone. they tell me to sit tight, the movie will be changed over shortly. another twenty minutes rolls on. finally someone comes out in front of the screen and announces that they messed up, and will be giving free tickets to everyone who came to see 'i am legend'. so, we go out to the front booth and they give us a ticket for a free ticket, and ask us if we would still like to see a later showing of 'i am legend', we say yes. they give us the tickets, and the free pass. cool! as i am walking in i see a couple workers walking out of the screen with a platter full of bags of popcorn. i ask 'hey, is that for the people who were in the wrong screen?' the guy didnt know what i was talking about but asks if i had gotten any popcorn earlier. i said no, so he looks around and whispers to me 'go ahead and take one, i wont tell...'. oh, and after the movie they gave out cards for free, i got to see a half hour of 'legend of the water horse', all of 'i am legend', a free extra movie, a free bag of popcorn, and a free drink, all for only $7.50. not bad, huh?
(oh, and here is what i thought of the movie)

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