new years

what to do for new years? well, we had answered that question, but things didnt exactly turn out as planned. aaron decided to throw a little shindig for all of us at his place in holland. i was looking forward to going, but nature had a different plan for us. i went over to jeffry lees place for a while. we figured it was time to head over so we packed up and got in the car. quickly we realized our folly. the snow was coming down in buckets and we felt its effects as soon as we got on the highway. with slippery roads and poor sight distance we figured it would be wisest and safest to call it off. so, we headed back to jeffry lees place and decided to watch a movie instead. we ended up watching the new 'halloween' remake. we stopped it, of course, to watch the ball drop and make the appropriate new years phone calls, but then we finished it up. after that i figured id we would just play a little mario galaxy and then id head back home... which i finally did at 4:30am! i tell ya, that game is seriously addictive!

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