tacos, sans meat

a week or two ago i was visiting diana and her sister and nick happened to be there too! its always a great time when the four of us can get together. we all figured we were a bit hungry, so we figured we should make a meal! nick and i went to the store and got a few of the things that were needed, and the girls got busy with the food making: we had tacos! the thing to keep in mind, though, is that barbara is a vegetarian, so that meant tacos with no meat (not exactly my first choice...). she had some fake meat that she grilled up and we ate that instead. as long as you weren't expecting it to taste like meat, it was actually pretty good!
we had a great time getting the meal ready, eating, and cleaning up. its always fun to watch diana when her sister is around, because she is always so much happier! i think i might have the same response whenever nick is around...
(more pics)

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