trash back

thursday morning i was bringing the garbage out to the curb. i had a bunch of trash from last weekend when we tore up and replaced the flooring. i brought the trash can out, then came back to get the carpet padding. when i reached down to grab it i felt a sharp pain in my back! it wasn't the weight of the stuff, its just that i reached down at a bad angle. and now my back is killing me! i was sick all week and was just getting over it, and now this! the muscle i pulled has been getting worse and worse, and today i was barely able to drag myself out of bed because of the pain. i've been taking some aspirin, but that only helps a bit. i've heard that i should expect the pain to last for a week or two. ugh. i sure hope it goes away before that, cause at the moment, with trying to avoid the pain making slow and stiff movements, i feel like i'm doing the robot dance or something.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mark - I'm usually not a fan of Chiropractors, but you may want to check one out if the pain continues! Love ya, Mom