wedding shower

saturday morning i got up early with my mom to go to diana's wedding shower with my mom's side of the family. now, don't get me wrong, i didn't go to the shower, i just got there to hang out with levi. diana's friend miranda came with her husband levi, and the plan was for levi and i to hang out while the women had the shower. after i found the place levi and i headed out. we sat down and had breakfast at the restaurant out there called 'bunker hill, chill and grill'. after breakfast we still had some time to kill, so we headed over to best buy. i had a few things to pick up there, and i knew we could waste a ton of time there!
around 12:30pm we got the call and headed back to the shower. we went in and said hi to all the women. sounded like they had a great time, and we got some great stuff too!

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