fit and trim

on friday my dad came down again (i'm guessing he's probably getting sick of that two hour drive by now...) to help with the house. with tim and his work on the floor finished, the last step was replacing the trim we had torn down when we repainted the kitchen. he set up his saw, pulled out the trim he brought, and we got to work!
we started with the door frames. papa measured and cut the trim, while putting it up he was continually amazed at how terribly the place had been originally constructed, there was hardly a straight angle in the whole place! he tried his best to clean up the shoddy work done back in the 60's, but some of the warped walls were impossible to work with. we were doing so well, but then realized that we were a bit short on trim- oh no! we almost got everything done, but fell a couple feet short, so papa was not able to finish the job (which i know eats him up inside!). i guess next time he and tim come down to work on some more stuff we will get it finished.
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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