nintendo party

a couple years ago i had an idea for my students. i saw that the athletic kids always have extracurricular activities that they can be involved it, but the kids who aren't so good at sports don't have as many fun events to participate in. i figured that many of the kids who don't play sports do play video games! so i started holding video game parties every couple of months after school in my classroom.
here's how it works: all the middle school kids are invited to stay after school until five and play games in my room. they are encouraged to bring in their nintendo ds or game boys, and i hook up some nintendo systems on the tvs (nintendo systems only, of course). we each have tvs in our classrooms, but i roll in a couple extra for the event. this time we had the tv on the wall playing 'mario baseball', a projector for 'mario kart: double dash', and three tvs on carts playing 'mario mix: dance dance revolution', 'smash brothers: brawl' for the wii, and 'rockband wii'! about 60 kids showed up and had a blast! we will definitely have to do this again real soon.

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