steak out

after the wedding shower we headed back to my parents house. we had plans to go and talk with our photographer and finalize the details for the wedding. diana and i left to take care of that, her sister took a nap upstairs (she works nights, so this was the middle of the night for her and she was exhausted!), and miranda and levi decided to stay behind and actually spent the time chatting it up with my mom and papa. after our meeting, which went really well, we went back and hung out for a while. finally we made plans for what to do for the night with the guys. we met up with them at logan's steakhouse. we didn't get there very early to get a table to all sit together (there were 10 of us!), so we had to settle for two booths back to back. it was alright, but i wished we could have all sat together.

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