painting, round 1

will all that time off during christmas break, i figured i should at least spend some of it being productive. so, friday after new years, diana and i got to work repainting my kitchen. she wants to repaint almost all the rooms in my place before she moves in (i can't blame her, they are all looking a bit gross), so we started with the biggest room. she had always thought she wanted to paint it yellow, but at the last minute she decided it would be too bright, so she went with a light green called 'celery' (sounds exciting, huh?). we got the paint and supplies from home depot, then began our task. my dad had offered to come down sometime and replace the trim in my house, so we started our day of painting by tearing off all the old trim- which was quite a big task! once that was taken care of, we taped off the areas we needed to, and threw up a layer of primer first. once that dried we put down the first pass of color. she decided that she did in fact like it, so i continued with the first coat. she had to work the next day, so she headed out and i finished the job. by the end of the night i had put up the second layer of paint and took care of all the detail work. over the weekend it had dried and i was able to start putting the kitchen back together! sunday diana was able to come back and see it. we both like the way it looks now, but we have a ton more painting ahead!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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Anonymous said...

WOW looks great! I like the color too!!