a true hollywood story

last week diana came over to see me on her day off. while we were hanging out she had been watching tv. we started to chat, so she turned the volume down. about a half hour later we were still chatting. i just happened to glance over at the tv and much to my shock i saw someone i actually knew! what?!? it happened to be on the E! channel and while we were talking the show had changed. the person talking was meghann! she is an old friend who i went to college with. she lived right across the hall from me for a year and i was really good friends with here and her roommates. she is also a teacher, so we had many many classes together as well. what exactly was she on tv for? well, she is a music teacher, and it turns out that she was actually the middle school music teacher for the jonas brothers! (in case that name doesn't sound familiar, its a wildly popular trio of boys in a band that middle school girls are obsessed with). it was quite surprising to see her on tv! we rewound the show and she shares some stories about teaching them and a prank they played on her in class once.
its strange where people you know show up, huh?

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