army strong

my brother doesn't come home very often. this christmas he was around for about a week and a half, the last time he was around was last may. as a military man he is usually all over the place. over the summer diana and i got to go visit him in missouri (the first time he got to meet her). he headed back out new years day, we were sad to see him go, but knew he was looking forward to what was ahead for him.
chad has had quite a speedy and interesting journey in the military so far, he first joined the air force and went to basic training in texas. soon after he had more training in georgia, then his first posting out in germany (where aaron and i were lucky enough to visit him at). after his time there he was stationed in new mexico, and nevada. he decided he was going to be a career military man, so he wanted to be an officer. that meant switching branches, so he left the air force and joined the army. after some more intense training in georgia, he headed to missouri for even more training (is sure seems like they spend 90% of their time training...). this fall he was admitted into the airborne division, something he had wanted to do when he first joined the military.
he is now a paratrooper in the special forces division, and has now been stationed in okinawa, japan. where he goes from there he is not able to share with us (yes, its very james bondian...). it has been an exciting and thrilling journey for him so far and he is looking forward to what might come next, but for all of left back here: we love him and miss him. we get periodic emails and phone calls, which will become less regular now that he is in special forces. we share his excitement, we cheer for him, and we love him. and personally, as a brother, i am immensely proud of him and look up to him with awe, like all little brothers do.
we miss you, chad, but we take comfort in knowing you are doing what you love.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mark you have your mother just weeping at her desk at work!!
All of our feelings exactly.
I love how you value your family!!!
Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mark. And I miss you guys too.