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when it comes to wedding planning and stuff, diana and i aren't very good at it. i've heard from many different couples that its important not to let the wedding planning consume you and consume all of your conversations with each other because when its all done you might find you have nothing to talk about. well, thats not really a problem for us, we are actually on the opposite end of that spectrum- we hardly talk about it at all, which is a bit of a problem because its coming up soon! so for the past couple weeks we have been buckling down and really trying to get stuff done. this week that meant taking care of the wedding invitations. my mom has been, ever so gently, hassling us to get moving on these! so i took care of the wording and everything, and now they are all ready to go. saturday i went over to diana's and we began the herculean task of assembling them. diana had been taking time each night to address the envelopes, so that was ready to go for us. after a few hours of assembly line production, we finished them up! done! aside from about four addresses we still need to get, they are completely finished. monday i will drop them off at the post office, and everyone should have an official invitation to the wedding by the end of the week. ahh, it feels good to have that bit done- now we only have three million other things to worry about. who says wedding planning is stressful?
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Anonymous said...

WOW I am so proud of both of you. I can't wait to get my mail this week! Now you mother won't be hasseling(spelling?) you any more so maybe you could give her a call!!!!!
Love ya,

mb said...

ma, i double checked my spelling of 'hassling' on the merriam-webster dictionary, and that is the correct way to spell it. thanks for watching out for me though...