just jackson

it may be a little self serving, but i always try to get my sister's kids to love movies as much as me, especially jackson. every time i give him a gift, its a movie. i've given him 'monsters inc.', 'the incredibles', 'rattatouille', and 'robots'. for his birthday this year i got him 'kung fu panda', and for christmas i got him 'wall-e'. as a part of this indoctrination, i picked him up tuesday to go see 'the tale of despereaux' in the theater!
i picked him up around 10:30am. his mom didn't tell him what we were going to do, she just said that uncle mark was coming to do something with him. just him. his sisters weren't invited, it was just guy time. he was pretty excited! i got there and told him what we were going to do and he was thrilled. it was a lot of fun going with just him to the theater. we got some candy and found seats all to ourselves. i dont think he quite understood the movie, but he certainly enjoyed it! (my not-so-favorable review here) afterward we headed back to his house and i hung out with the kids for a little while.
at his age i always wonder how much he will remember, but i know i'll remember the fun time we had with just the two of us, uncle and nephew!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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