a couple rings

as the wedding date draws closer, diana and i are starting to realize that we need to get planning! ever since the engagement we've always figured 'we'll let future mark and future diana worry about planning for the wedding'. well, its the future, so its time to get busy planning. saturday diana had the day off, so we got to work on the some of the big things we still needed to figure out. we started off by taking a break and going out to eat (even on a day of planning, we still found a way to procrastinate...). a couple doors down was the tux shop, so we ducked in there and make the final choices for what the guys are going to wear.
then we drove over to the mall. diana wasn't quite sure what we were doing there, so i let her know: 'i think its about time we got ourselves some wedding rings' i said. boy, did her eyes light up! she was so giddy, she's been pestering me to do this for the past six months and i always told her 'later'. well, now is later. we have looked before at a few different places, but didn't find anything that matched very well. this time we found one- it matches perfectly and looks really amazing with the engagement band, so we got it. we also went and got the one i've had my eye on since we first started looking, but i have to wait for them to order it, so i didn't get to bring it home just yet. diana has been glowing with joy ever since we got hers, but is quite disappointed that i won't let her wear it yet. i took the box with the ring in it and had to hide it somewhere in the house so she doesn't dig it out every time she visits. i'm holding firm to the rule that she's not supposed to wear it until we get married. sorry honey, i don't make the rules, i just live by them.

i would post a picture of the wedding ring, but that would ruin the surprise!


Anonymous said...

Um, you sounded like your Dad at the end!! Can't wait to see them Mark & Diana. Hopefully you are coming home sometime soon :)


Sean and Rachael said...

Dude...from now on when you need jewelery, we have a huge hookup in Salt Lake who can get you anything you want for a good discounted price. I won't go to anyone else and he does a great job. Let me know for the future and we'll hook you up!