tomorrow world

this past tuesday was an exciting day. obama was inaugurated, but the exciting part was how we got to watch it! at school we took a little bit of time out of our schedule so the kids could witness this moment of history. but the problem is that our school doesn't have cable. there is no way for the tv's in our room to get a signal from tv stations.
this past year we added a wing to the school and all the middle school teachers got new rooms. what was really cool is that with those new rooms came new tvs and computers! the tvs are flat screen high def 42 inch sets- which are really cool! and one of the fun features that they allow is that they can be hooked up to our computers. the idea is that we can make slide shows of different stuff we are teaching about, that way we can show pictures of the topics and bring it even more to life. well, this all came in very handy this past tuesday. without a tv connection to watch the inauguration, we thought we would be out of luck. but then we realized that the whole thing was going to be broadcast live on the internet! so we set up the computers and tvs and were able to show a live feed of the whole event from our computers. not only was the event historic, but so was the way we got to watch it- live from the internet into our classroom tvs! i know this will become commonplace over the next few years, but its kind of fun to realize that we are able to do it today! i must say, i am quite impressed with the tech savvy our school has, for that half hour it felt like we were living in the future!

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