the allen's

on sunday we had a couple more christmas parties to go to, the first of which was the allen family christmas, which is diana's dads side of the family. we went and picked up her dad on the way and were actually the first to arrive! the place was empty when we got there! just a couple minutes later everyone started to show up. we helped unload the food while the house warmed up. soon after, everyone was there and it was time to dig in! i hadn't met all of that side of her family yet, so it was fun to meet them all at once. her dad and her uncle both have a strange sense of humor, which made for a great time! after dinner we exchanged white elephant gifts, and some of them were... um... interesting. one involved a couple of kidnapped monkeys and a ransom note, another included some righteous bling from state farm, and the highlight had some very disgusting photos of her uncle phil's colon. yikes!
over all they were a lot of fun. i'm glad i got to meet the rest of them, that way when they show up to the wedding they wont be complete strangers...
(more pics: 1, 2)

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