surfing with chad

after seeing the kids, i went to panera bread to get on the internet. with chad home i hadn't been able to use the computer much since it was it in his room. i figured i wouldn't bother him, so i brought my computer to panera to play. oddly enough, as i was there, chad shows up! he bought a new laptop for himself over break to take with him where he is stationed next. he was having some problems getting it to log on to mom and dad's internet connection, so he got the same idea as me! we spent the afternoon sitting next to each other messing with our computers. i played on the internet while he tried to download patches for his new system. it was really fun, as we were sitting there we would periodically turn a computer toward the other and show each other some crazy internet video we had found. it wasn't anything special, but for some reason i really treasured that time together, just the two of us.

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