faulty circuits

recently circuit city announced that it is closing up all its stores. i was shocked when i first heard about their financial problems, i had always thought they were doing well, just a couple of years ago they built a new store by me. every time i went in there it was busy, at least a dozen or two people milling about the isles. well, due to gross incompetence (i would assume), they are closing their doors at every location. they announced that they must liquidate all their stock, so that means they are having huge sales on everything. so i went in to check it out, and i must say, this 'huge sale' thing is quite misleading. i was checking out the dvds, which normally sell for ten to twenty bucks, are now all priced based on the manufacturers suggested retail price. that means that they are all fifteen to twenty five dollars. they are saying that they have marked dvds twenty percent off, which sounds like a great deal, until you realize that they are all priced thirty percent more than they are at best buy. i looked around and saw movies that should be fifteen bucks are priced at twenty dollars. hmm, twenty dollars minus 20% is still more than fifteen bucks... good try, circuit city. with these type of tricks its no wonder they are going out of business!

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