in bloom

this past weekend diana and i went up to grand rapids with her sister barbara and boyfriend nick. we met up with my mom and sis for lunch, then it was off to do what we came for: taking care of the flowers for our wedding! we headed over to eastern floral and had a meeting with them to figure out what we wanted. she had some great ideas and diana was really happy with what they decided on. and you know how wedding planning goes: if diana is happy, i am happy!
after the flower shop we went to my parents house to go over things with my mom and try to get on top of the planning that we have left to do. it was fun and really great to show barbara and nick the place i grew up. they hadn't ever been to my parents house, so it was cool to show them around. it was a rather productive day, which is always nice. nick and barbara were sound asleep for the drive home- they both work nights so all of this was during their usual sleeping time which threw them off a bit.

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