new years

for new years we were quite torn about where to go. we had been planning to go to aaron and jeffry lee's house for a party they were throwing, and also go to one of diana's friends houses for a bit of the night. then her sister and nick said they were having a party- which threw all of our plans out the window!
i went down there new years even and picked her up from her place. we drove over to nicks for all the fun and festivities. it was a great time, we played some games, rocked out with his guitar and drums for a bit, watched the ball drop, took advantage of the hot tub, and then chilled and watched a movie. it was a ton of fun and it had been the first time we had gone back to nick's house since we first fell in love. it was kind of neat to be back there again with her. we spent the whole drive there remembering the last time he had been there and all the crazy emotions we were feeling about each other. things are a bit different now, ten months later, but we still feel those crazy emotions about each other! a perfect way to start the new year: remembering what had gotten us to this point, and looking forward to what the year ahead holds for us!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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