lost again

a bunch of my friends and i are really into the show 'lost'. for the past couple years we get together each week its on and have dinner and enjoy the show. wednesday it finally came back for its fifth season, so rachel and scott invited us all over to their new place to watch it. it had been quite a while since i saw some of the people who were there, so it was really great to catch up. rachel made some really great food, she had baked potatoes with some strange feta cheese spread for it that was awesome, and she prepared some peruvian chicken, which was really yummy too!
the show was fun to watch again, but the best part was enjoying it with a bunch of friends, catching up, trying to understand what was going on in the show, laughing, and just having a good time! there were a couple new people as well, friends of scotts who work with him. one of them had never seen 'lost' before, so it was kind of funny to try and explain to him what was going on, which was impossible...
i look forward to getting together again. we don't watch it together every week, but when we do its always fun, whether the show is good or not!

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