man, its been cold around here! usually i don't mind the cold too much, i'm a bit of a polar bear. there's cold, and then there's COLD, and this week has been COLD!!! most of the week it was well below zero degrees. at one point it was about 14 degrees below zero! with wind chill it was about negative thirty five! on the news they were saying that human flesh freezes after only about 15 minutes outside in that weather- yikes, that's kind of scary...
most of the schools in our area were closed due to the cold weather because of buses and kids standing out at the bus stops. us? nope, we had school every day this week. but i'm kind of glad, i had a lot of fun things planned for class and would have rather had class then delay it. the heat in the school building is better than mine at home anyway, so i was warmer there!
(more pics)

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