all to myself

i always love to go to the theater and go see movies. diana is usually up for it as well, but we don't really get a ton of time together, so we usually prefer not to waste it in a dark theater where we can't talk! this leaves me with only one option: go and see movies by myself. i've been doing this for years, in fact, i actually remember the first movie i ever saw by myself: i was only eleven, but my mom dropped me off at the movie theater by myself and i went to see 'ducktales: the movie'! i've been going alone ever since. it's often a really nice time to enjoy a movie on the big screen alone. some people think its really strange and would never think of doing it themselves, but i find it quite enjoyable. even with all this solo movie going, last week i had a first- i went to go see a movie and i was the only one in there! usually there are at least a couple more people, but this time i had the whole place to myself! i felt pretty cool, my own private screening!

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