the long way home

sunday afternoon diana and i headed back. it was really good to just have some down time in the car together- the weekend had been so busy that we hardly even got to talk just the two of us! when we got to her house there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground. so i did the manly thing and grabbed a shovel. after about 10 minutes of shoveling, she popped out of the house dressed in a full body snowsuit ready to help! she looked so cute in her get up! she planned the timing right too, there was only about two minutes more of shoveling to do- very sneaky! soon after it was time to go. its always annoying to have to say goodbye. well, i guess we've only got a few more weeks until we don't have to anymore!
i was looking forward to getting home to watch the oscars, but of course there was one last problem: on the way home my tire went flat! argh!!! it seems like this is a habit for us. between diana and i we have had about 5 flat tires in the past 8 months! i changed it up on the side of the highway, which was a little scary with huge semi trucks barreling down about five feet from where i was working! finally got it put on, and had the joy of driving 55mph for the next 30 miles. so much for getting home on time!

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goddessmirandie said...

Haha... D has GREAT timing! That's so like her!