looking good!

after we (and by we, i mean tim) finished putting down the new carpet, we started putting stuff back where it belonged. soon after, my mom and diana came down to see us. they had a wedding shower that morning in grand rapids, when it was done they both headed down together to see what we had been doing. my mom hadn't been down to the house since all these renovations had taken place, so she was thrilled to see all the new improvements. both of them really loved the new carpets! tim headed out after the work was done because he had plans back home that night. the rest of us soon began bringing stuff back in from the shed, but didn't get too far because i needed to repaint the bedroom and office before filling them back up with stuff.
we needed to get a few things, so we headed out to target. after that we went out for dinner at bennigan's. the light rain from earlier in the day quickly changed to a terential downpour as we tried to get to these different places! we had a nice dinner with the four of us and got to talk through a bunch of plans for the following weeks leading up to the wedding. after dinner mom and dad headed back home (thanks again for all the work you guys have put into the house and our transition into marriage!!!). we headed back to the house for a bit, then i brought diana back home- quite a long (but productive) day!

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