new carpets!

bright and early saturday morning my brother-in-law tim and my dad arrived at my place ready to work! the plan was for my dad to finish up the little odds and ends left over from replacing the trim, and tim (bless his soul) offered to replace all of the carpet in the house! i had done the preparation needed to have the floors empty (almost, some of that stuff was too big and heavy for me to move by myself). as soon as they got there we got down to work. papa pulled out his saw and started getting the trim ready, tim decided to start in the second bedroom, which diana and i have started calling 'the office'. we moved the bookshelves out and tim started tearing up the old stuff. before long it was down to the tile, and with lightning fast speed it suddenly had a finished and completely new carpet! dang, that guy replaces carpet like its his job or something! we moved my bed out of the bedroom and zoom! it was done too. by now papa had finished all the trim details and all three of us helped out with the living room. we decided to take a lunch break, but were quickly back to it. we emptied out the living room and tim whipped out a new carpet in no time! the whole process, start to finish, only took about four hours! they were amazingly fast, and now (along with the new wood laminate in the kitchen and bathroom) i've got a house with completely new flooring! diana is so spoiled...
(a ton of pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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