painting, round 3

before tim and my dad came this past weekend to replace all the carpet, i tried to paint all the trim around the room. i figured it would be a ton easier if it painted it with the old carpet, that way if i accidentally got some on the carpet, i wouldn't care at all!
now, with the new carpet in, its time to repaint the walls too! diana had picked a color that she liked (after not liking the color that we had gotten first), so i got to work this week taking care of the bedroom. i taped up all the trim around the door frames, the windows, and the floorboards. i put up the primer one day and put up a couple layers of good looking paint on the next. thursday i pulled off the trim tape and it turned out quite well! of all the things that i could do to the house, painting is by far my least favorite. i think this proves how much i love diana, because i have repainted almost every room in the house for her! oh, and i still have one to go...
(more pics: 1, 2)

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