still neil jammin'

one of the highlights of the comic con is going to the artists gallery and seeing our good friend neil fitzpatrick. he is the artist who created neil jam, a funny little comic that we all really love. we saw him last year (which i wrote about here), and were glad to see him back again. we wandered over to his table and he had a double take- he recognized us from somewhere but wasnt quite sure... well, we introduced ourselves again and shared our love with him. (heres a link to his site, he updates it with new comic strips at least twice a week, check it out!) we were all excited to see that he had published two new books since last year, so we quickly purchased them all! rex had even found his old copy of the book we got 10 or so years ago and asked neil to sign it, which he graciously agreed to! it was such fun to chat with him for a little while- we really do love his stuff!
(more pics)

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