monday in the park with chad

when chad is in town its a big deal. in order to celebrate his visit, my mom organized a big party for him at the park. she invited both sides of the family to come down, have some pizza and cake, and spend some time with chad!
we got to the park and set up and within about 20 minutes there were over 50 friends and extended family members there to celebrate with us! it was fantastic to see everyone there and to show chad how much we care about him and miss him! i must admit though, it was really strange seeing both sides of the family in one place- like worlds colliding! we had a great time walking around and mingling with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and their kids (and grandma too!). since diana and i live a couple hours away, we dont really get to see the extended family that much, and i must say that i truly enjoy seeing them and catching up with them. even chad, who can sometimes be a bit introverted, was really having a great time seeing all the relatives and getting to share with them what he's been up to. i dont mean to put words into chad's mouth, but i think he was genuinely surprised and touched that all these people love him and care about him so much! thanks for putting all that work into the planning and everything mom, it was perfect!
(some more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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Anonymous said...

That was definately a fun night and also fun planning it!