dont plan ahead

ah, the con begins! we finally arrived after working through the traffic situation (i'm pretty sure some of those drivers had never seen a traffic light before...), we walk up to the convention center only to find a HUGE line! what? we've been doing this thing for years and we have never had a line out the door this long! whats going on?!? well, it turns out that the convention center wants to punish those who actually planned ahead and bought their tickets on line. foolishly, i was one of those people. the line almost circled around half the building (and its a huge building). we soon realized that the line was just for prepayed tickets, so the three guys got to skip the entire line and just walk up and buy their tickets. me? i had to wait an extra 28 minutes (we timed it with brains' stopwatch phone app) to get in. that doesnt exactly seem fair to me. i wont make that same mistake again next year...
(more pics)

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