paper track

on tuesday mom invited the kids over for the day while jill worked. diana and i got up early so we could play with the kids all morning.
bubba and i were playing with micro machines and got talking, and i thought of something fun we could do: make paper tracks! micro machines were some of my favorite toys growing up- i loved them! i had a bunch of them and always loved to try and create places to play with them. i didnt go for the play sets or anything, i wanted to create my own! i remember i stared off just drawing tracks on paper and having a great time with that, but then i had the idea to make the tracks 3D so i could actually run the cars on it. i figured bubba was old enough to get a kick out of this too, so we headed to the kitchen table, pulled out some paper, pencils, scissors, and tape and got started! at first bubba wasnt quite sure what we were up to, but as soon as the first track was built we was totally on board. i had built a little platform that was about three inches off the table, and put a micro machine sized paper track coming down from it- instant speed! as we kept working on more tracks, the rest of girls came over to see what we were doing and wanted to join in. we had a great time playing, and i got to pass on one of my creative little crafts i loved to build! hopefully bubba will pull this track out again next time he is at moms and want to make more for himself! that would make me a proud uncle in deed.
(more pics)


Anonymous said...

Definately a fun day!! Mom

Captainbananapants said...

Precious and creative!